Magenta DTF ink 1000ml




Premium quality DTF Magenta ink as you can see from the pictures the vibrancy speaks for itself! DTF supplies have done some extensive research to get the best inks on the market for all piezo printheads, using the correct setup DTF supplies will say that these inks are specially designed to work with the film and powder we provide…


  • Return & Refund Policy

    DTF supplies will always take any issues with any of our products so please be in contact straight away and we will resolve the issue if it arrises.

  • Shipping Information

    After payment has been processed DTF supplies will ship your product out within 24 hours, you will receive tracking details to the email address been given.

  • Care instructions

    Shake ink bottles every time you fill up cartridges but leave to settle in cartridges for the bubbles to return to normal maybe 1-2 hours if not you may cause the air in your lines

    keep inks away from excessive heat otherwise, it will set off

    make sure you read the labels so you do not mix them up when filling your inks

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